Last night in Ormond Beach Florida the temperature dropped to 29 degrees. and I woke up with a completely dark home, looked out the window and could not see any lights anywhere, we were in a 2 hr rolling blackout,


Our power grid can not keep up with demand with only Five percent of cars sold being electric, What will happen if 50 percent of the cars sold were electric or even up 100 percent, the power grid could not handle it not only would we be in the dark the cars would not be charged and we would be stuck at home. and all out communist democrats and most of the GOP can tell us it to buy more electric cars and they increase the price gas cars. out trucks would be at a standstill with no food and goods being delivered America would be in turmoil our economy coming to a stand still with people starving and killing each other for food. all because misguided notions that man and or what he does can change the weather and or temperature.

Please pray for out leaders that they would get us off this path of destruction of America.

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It's just one of those things.
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