It’s just my opinion.

In the past, I was never for putting a lot of stock in what people claimed without some kind of proof/evidence.

But now find myself believing with all my being something that I have no proof of.

Ever since my wife and I received the 2 covid vaccine shots we have had constant health issues.

Now I have developed a growth under my left arm, it started out small and is now about the size of a tennis ball and is painful. I will be going to the hospital Friday, January the 27th for a needle biopsy, my doctor kept saying its just lymph glands but it continues to grow very fast, it took 2 weeks to get the biopsy approved and scheduled, hopefully, I will know more after today, I have also developed a growth on the underside of my left wrist,

I firmly believe this is all the side effects of the covid vaccine I will write more as I find out just what is happening and why.

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It's just one of those things.
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