Praising God at all times

“Praising at all times, MC”
We should be able to praise the Lord at all
times. And at any time that we please. Praising God is not something that
someone can give you or something that someone can take from you.
There are a
lot of things that we can praise the Lord for. If you sit and think just for 5
seconds I bet you can find something to thank the Lord for. Just having life is
a reason to thank God.
God doesn’t bless us to get something in return. God
bless’ us because he loves us. The least we could do is thank God for the
blessings that he has gave us freely.
Praising God is just a way of showing
God how grateful you are. It doesn’t cost us as humans to praise God. It is
something that we can do anytime in so many ways. And when we praise God the
reward itself is great.
I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart, I
will show forth all thy marvelous works Psalm 9:1. (Brother Matthew
“Getting Even, MC”
We as humans live in a world to where we want to
try and do this thing we call get even with other people. If someone hurts us we
have to try to hurt them back. All because they have hurt us.
We believe that
we need to prove a point to the people of this world. If we get even with people
that hurt us then we will be happy with life.
I believe that we lose focus
when we are here on earth. We get caught up with the things of this world. We
want to prove a point that isn’t even important. Because one day it won’t even
They talked about Jesus when he was walking around on this earth.
They called him all kinds of names. But he never called them one back. Or try to
get even with them. He just turned it over to his father in Haven.
When mine
enemies are turned back, they shall fall and perish at thy presence Psalm 9:3.
(Brother Matthew Cox)

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