It’s just my opinion…..

Well folks, It’s just my opinion, But…

For the first time in all the many years I have been blessed to be living in the greatest country in the world, I have had some black people hate me because I am an old white man. I attribute this to our school system, news media, and government for constantly promoting and or legitimizing the continuous hate propaganda and hate groups that keeps bombarding us  in a continuous way, It seems to be mostly from uneducated and less fortunate people, The black leaders in stead of trying to help these people get an education and a good job just add fuel and support the hate groups. And the liberals both black and white love it its Is their voter base so they just do everything to keep the dumb dumb and out of a job so they can take care of them with food stamps housing, be their keeper………does the word SLAVE ring a bell.

To be continued………

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It's just one of those things.
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