The Soviet Union was the largest country in the world, covering approximately one-seventh of Earth’s land surface. It was two and a half times the size of the United States, and only slightly smaller in land area than the entire continent of North America.

Most of today’s masses have no Idea that Russia was once many states just like America only much larger, but in stead of staying united they started fighting among themselves until many states broke away and was a country, loosing the strength of a united USSR. now you have a bunch of countries fighting among themselves and no winners.

America is heading down this slippery slope. United we stand divided we fall. I fear we will eventually have states like California, Texas, New York Florida and many more becoming their own little country, If you think we have a border problem now just think of what lies ahead, a border crossing in and out of Texas, Michigan,

In stead of a united beacon on a hill country the richest in the world we will be no better than Russia and the other countries

When you have a basically two party country and one of the parties can do nothing for the people just spend billions of taxpayers dollars on attacking the other party. WE ARE DOOMED.

We have gone from the richest God fearing county on earth, to another Sodom and Gomorrah.

Our only hope a Christian/Moral nation is God who sent his son Jesus to save us from ourselves.

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