Redeemed & Remarried

By Toni Smothers

I know the song the woman is singing,

Out in the church were the bells are ringing.

Not a new bride, yet, her heart’s pounding loud,

Glad as the day is, her love shinning proud.

Watch! See the loving leap out from her heart.

Watch! Was there ever so happy a lark?

Stay awhile, and you’ll hear what she’s saying,

Deep in her heart, you’ll hear what she’s praying.

“Dear Savior Jesus, enthroned in the sky,

Embrace and sustain me, hear my heart sigh.

Stay, while I sing you my love-song of cheer.

Bless our joined lives and remove any fear!

Dear precious guardian, stay by my side.

Accept now this promise, once again, from this bride.

Come gentle Jesus, be ever so near,

My life is beginning – New love sweet and dear!”

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It's just one of those things.
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