FYI Donald Trump was born and raised in NY city area, He lived near my wife and cousin, he and some family members bought ice cream at my wife’s parents Carvel Ice cream store, he worked hand in hand with the people of NY was awarded and praised tor donation and working with the inter cities many races and cultures and was well-liked by most, was as far from being a racist as you can get……then he decided to run for president….overnight he became a racist lying cheating womanizer scumbag…..and before he was even sworn in as president the chant was IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH…..{how did that work out for you liberal communist democrats)….then Nancy Pelosi said he will never be president one way or the other……then low and behold along comes a pandemic fueled by the news media, even tho it is less deadly than the common flue…….now the chant is hes is a racist lying cheating scumbag…..and a murder…..if you do not believe me just watch the news media… a briefing the first thing out of the mayor of Chicago mouth was “without government leadership we are having……well folks all we can do is wait until November and see how that is going to work out for out liberal communist democrat.

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