I have heard a lot of people on social media praising doctors and nurses for their work…..which is is good thing….all the doctors and nurse I know went into the medical field because they wanted to help people and the pay was great……..they are doing their jobs well and being paid well during this so-called crisis…….But have you ever stopped to think about the real heroes, the ones that for whatever reason did not go to college maybe did not even finish high school and quite often thru no fault of their own……I am talking about the sanitation workers, (THE MEN ON THE GARBAGE TRUCKS) the ones that pick up your garbage and contaminated mask discarded needles from your fun stuff and trash that you do not care how you put it in the trash can because you do not have to empty it into the back of a garbage truck……HOW ABOUT MEETING THEM BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD SOME MORNING WITH A CUP OF COFFEY OR SOFT DRINK OR BOTTLE OF WATER……MAYBE PUT A 50 DOLLAR BILL IN HIS HAND AND SAY THANK YOU…….

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