A glimpse of what you have voted for.

The first five years:

First, gas prices will go sky high. Billions of taxpayer money will be spent on the new green deal. Most of that money will be divided up and given to lobbyists, congress and senators, along with their families and friends that are of no benefit to the taxpayer. Normal travel will cease except by government run trains and buses. Food prices will be greatly increased until the working class will have a hard time feeding their families. Motor homes, fancy boats and family vacations will be a thing of the past, Abortion will be common place, Infants born with any defects wll be allowed to die. The senior population, that no longer can contribute to society, will be stacked in nursing homes and left to die with no treatment for their varied illnesses. Civil unrest, rape, theft and murder will be out of control.

The second five years:

At this point, the national debt will be 100 trillion and we will see the big reset, the liberal communist government will step in and nationalize everything, including personal property. Everyone will then become a product of the communist state (except those in charge of the communist party). People will loose everything they mistakenly thought they owned. All Christian churches that worship Christ and the one true God, will be closed, Christianity will be prohibited and many believers will be martyred. if you think this is too far out there just look at the Christians being killed at the present time all over the world!  Many of the youth will embrace this communist thinking because they have become a compliant product of government schools that have programmed them for this new world order.

Now comes the mandatory chip, (mark of the beast)::

This chip will be installed in everyone because everyone will work for the communist government. The workers will have tokens added to their account, depending on their positions. Engineers’ builders, contractors, doctors, store clerks, and police, all will receive a different number of tokens, just as we now receive different amounts of pay for our various occupations. (IF YOU DO NOT EARN ENOUGH TOKENS YOU, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING). Also, in this new society, young people will be assigned their vocation based on what the government wants them to become. If you get a sickness that will cost the government too much money, compared with what you can produce, you will be terminated.

Your home or apartment will be government owned and will require a certain number of tokens a month, if you are not productive enough to be able to afford an apartment, you will be sent to  community housing where you will be bused to and from your low income job. When you become nonproductive and or a burden on the state, you will be terminated.(literally)

The communist men and women running the country will be the only ones reaping the rewards of everyone else’s production. Those people will be living like royalty with all the luxury of the good life. They will share their affluence with all their friends and family

Some that are still alive and remember January 20, 2021 will hang their head and say. “My God how and why did I let this happen.”

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