When you see our new old President sitting in front of a stack of executive orders to sigh as fast as he can locate his pen, please do not show your ignorance be telling me you believe he has read or knows any of the information in the orders much less the one to pen them. Obama and his group planning the take down of America and instill the new world order with him as supreme leader, and all of the handlers he has but in charge to handle Biden prepared all these executive orders and put them in front of him to sigh, logistically, there is not enough time in the day for him to have read even a small fraction of the orders. All of the liberal communist democrats and many republicans are complicit in this treason.

The massive amount of executive orders with no input from our elected officials is, along with things like COVID-19 and impeachments are just another tool in taking down America and bringing in the new world order,  GOD HELP AMERICA!

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