Easter Party Skit (Children)

Easter Party Skit (Children)

by Toni Smothers

Easter Bunny Skit

(Approx. word count: 1500)

Purpose: Turn an Easter egg hunt or party into a great opportunity to teach children about Jesus and Easter.

(You’ll need a Bible, either a large stuffed animal pretending to speak, (lamb) to sit on speaker’s lap. He will be wearing bunny ears (they’re found in lots of stores during the Easter season – usually a headband with bunny ears attached and a bunny cottontail). Or a person dressed as a lamb wearing bunny ears can play the part. One or two chairs for the speaker and live lamb to sit on in front of children gathered on the floor near the speaker, a card table to place hidden basket and a sheet to cover a large, decorated Easter basket, filled with grass, colored eggs and candy, the stuffed animal or the seated lamb, if using a person.) The Lamb’s part is either spoken by character dressed in lamb costume, or anonymous speaker reading from concealed area, while speaker sort of animates the doll to appear as if its talking – HINT: Doll actually works well because it captures the kids attention better.


Table with concealed basket and lamb, with speaker’s chair which is already set up as the speaker comes to take his seat and begin the skit.

Speaker: Boy, I’m tired. All this partying has pooped me out. Why, . . . what is this big bunch of stuff on my table? (Pokes at covered basket and lamb, then uncovers them.)

Lamb: Hey, be gentle with all that poking around! I bruise kind of easy, you know.

Speaker: Lambster, what in the world are you doing under here?

Lamb: Well, I WAS hiding out – Till you gave me away, that is!

Speaker: Hiding? Hiding from what? And what are you doing in that bunny get-up?

Lamb: I was hiding from all the kids. Since I’m the Easter Bunny-lamb, they’re not supposed to catch me bringing in all the goodies, you know.

Speaker: Wait just one minute, Lambster. Where’d you get the crazy idea that you could pass for the Easter Bunny?

Lamb: Shush! They don’t know any better. After all, I’ve even got a big fluffy white cottontail. I really am a most excellent Bunny-lamb, don’t you agree? And, kids all love the Easter Bunny. So, well, I just wanted the kids to like me. Is that so terrible?

Speaker: No, not terrible – But, don’t you realize that the kids would like you just as you really are? After all, you are a most excellent Lambster!

Lamb: Now I know you’re kidding. It’s Easter time. Kids want to see the Big Fluffy Easter Bunny, not some skinny ole lamb!

Speaker: But Lambster, surely you know that Easter isn’t just about the Easter Bunny hiding eggs.

Lamb: Oh, I know. You mean about Jesus.

Speaker: That’s right. Easter is a very special and holy day. Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Lambster, do you know what resurrection means?

Lamb: Well, I think it means that when Jesus died, He came alive again three days later.

Speaker: That’s exactly right.

Lamb: Wait a minute. If Easter is for celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, then why are we having this Easter Egg Hunt?

Speaker: That’s a good question, Lambster. One legend says that a poor woman dyed some eggs during a famine and hid them in a nest as an Easter gift for her children. Then, just as the children discovered the nest, a big rabbit leaped away. The story spread that the rabbit had brought the Easter eggs and then, through the years, candy and parties were added to the tale.

Lamb: Wow – I didn’t know that!

Speaker: Well, most people don’t know that story. You see, Easter parties and Easter egg hunts are fun. People just naturally like to get together and have fun. There’s sure nothing wrong with that. (Lambster shakes his head up and down in agreement with what Speaker says.) But, it is good to remember the real reason we Christians celebrate Easter too.

Lamb: What Jesus did for us makes Easter a very wonderful day, maybe the best day of the whole year!

Speaker: You know, Lambster, that’s really true. But, you know what?

Lamb: What?

Speaker: These kids here know all about the Easter Bunny and having fun at an Easter egg hunt, but some kids might not know what Jesus did for us. Why don’t you tell them now, while we’re all together?

Lamb: Well, Jesus had to die because of the bad things we do. My Sunday school teacher calls it sin. A long time ago, God made the very first people. Their names were Adam and Eve. At first, they lived in a beautiful place that God had made just for them and they were very happy. But then, they disobeyed God and that’s when sin came. Since then, God tried a lot of different things, you know, all the different stories from the Bible that we talk about in Sunday school. Well, anyway – no matter how many times God warned people to stop sinning, they just wouldn’t listen to God. So… God had to send Jesus to help us.

Speaker: It sure sounds like you have a good understanding of what Jesus did.

Lamb: Boy, I didn’t realize how much I really do know about Easter and Jesus.


Speaker: Well, It’s like you said, you learned many important things in your Sunday school classes. That’s a really great place for all kids to learn – It is very exciting to learn about God.

Lamb: It sure is! And I always have fun there too! It’s different than regular school, you know. I bet all these kids would like to go too.

(The plug for Sunday school was deliberate and can be easily removed from the dialogue if desired.)

Speaker: Yes Lambster, I know, but you’ve lost track of what you were talking about. Remember – You were telling us why God sent Jesus. Jesus was God’s only son, but God still sent him to earth because he loves all of us so much that He wanted to save us from our sin. Jesus sacrificed his very own life in the place of all people who sin.

Lamb: Right, well, Jesus was born on Christmas, first of all. (Another pretty terrific holiday, by the way.) So, he lived on earth and was always very good. He learned from his human Dad how to be a carpenter. Jesus loved God right from when he was a little kid and he always did what God wanted. When he got older, he went all over telling everyone that He was the Son of God. Jesus told everyone that God loved them and he helped people too. He made sick people well and he fed hungry people. Then one day, Jesus told His friends that he would die soon. Then some soldiers came and they stuck a crown of thorns on His head and hung Jesus on the cross and they killed him.

Speaker: I’ll bet his friends were very sad when He died.

Lamb: Well, yeah – they really were! Then they took Jesus’ body and put it in a tomb. (That’s a big hole inside a mountain or like a cave.) But, anyway….here’s where the story gets happy again. Cause, well, it’s hard to explain real well, you know.

Speaker: Yes, it is kind of hard. But you’re doing a very good job, Lambster. Just take your time and tell us in your own way.

Lamb: Well . . . just when everyone was all sad and sure that Jesus was dead and all –his body disappeared from that tomb! Can you read it to us from the Bible?

Speaker: Sure I can. Here it is right here. “Now Mary Magdalene came early to the tomb while it was still dark and saw the stone already taken away from the tomb.”

Lamb: Right, and she saw a beautiful angel in a white robe!

Speaker: The angel said, “You are looking for Jesus who has been crucified. He is not here, for He has risen!”

Lamb: Wow! That must have been exciting! And all that happened so that when we get old and die someday we get to go be with Jesus in heaven.

Speaker: Boy, you sure are a smart little lamb. You really do understand how important Jesus’ death was to everyone who believes in Him. We celebrate the victory over sin that Jesus won for us when He died on the cross and then rose again from the dead.

Lamb: Yeah, and that’s why everyone can believe that nothing, not even death, is more powerful than Jesus.

Speaker: You’re absolutely correct. Now, if I may, I’d like to add just one thing to your very excellent storytelling.

Lamb: Sure thing – Go ahead.

Speaker: In my bible it says, “Behold, the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” John the Baptist said that when he baptized Jesus…So, you see Lambster, that a lamb is even more important to Easter than a bunny. Especially a most excellent Lambster like you!

Lamb: (Acts all shy for a second, then thinks out loud.) Well, I was getting a little headache from this bunny-ears headband and this big cottontail is kind of uncomfortable, if you know what I mean!

Speaker: (Laughs a little.) Here, (stands and picks lamb up), let me take you somewhere where you can change back into the sweet little Lambster we all love, whether its Easter or not. (Speaker hugs Lambster) … Say, Bye.

Lamb: Bye. (Lamb waves as they exit.) . . . . . . . The End

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