The God Void

by Toni Smothers

Life was mute – Few rainbows.
And there were only puny, fleeting sunsets.
No time to notice anything, too many goals.
Too busy – Numb to love’s ever-flowing rhythm.
Trees and flowers swayed, giving beauty to each day.
So what?
God’s perfect truth, His essence – Was a distant myth.
My frozen granite heart knew better.
Life was for self, snatching moments, surviving.
The entire world cannot comfort one heart void of hope.
So what?
Busyness is foolishness – More unstable than whirlwinds.
Worse even than plain falsity, wherein dwells the Devil.
Funny – The evil one knew me well enough to swear he’d won me with his shiny dime.
So What?
So everything – At least according to the Lord.
The One God, Almighty – The author of it all – Creator extraordinaire!
He sent his answers well before I asked for them.
Turns out that I’m more precious than I’d ever dreamt – Jesus told me so.
Why did He care so much that he could not abide my anguish?
Why indeed?
Why had my God claimed me? If ever there was a good reason to ask, “Why me?” I know none better.
But claim me he did – His own, from the very first – Never to be lost again!
He sweetly sailed thru every grief, searched me, and still He took me to Himself.
A place beyond rainbows, beyond sunsets, and far past shiny dimes.
Thank God!
Thank God for His perfect love, which sweetens all of life.
Its music plays a chorus within all hearts to hear.
Eyes see each sight and sound beam bright with promise.
And Grace and mercy transform all who would come –
Yes, even you – If you only will draw near!

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