Imagine if you will…….

It’s 2035 America has switched to all-electric vehicles and fossil fuel is outlawed.

A cat 5 hurricane has just hit the southeast united states. The news media is screaming power may be out for weeks……or even months because all the power company trucks run on electricity and are sitting in parking lots and stalled on highways unable to get to the power outages, The sun has not shined for days leaving solar fields useless, Most of the windmills in the windmill farms are blown over or blades striped off by the cat 5 hurricanes. All the stores, pharmacies hospitals Doctors’ offices are closed because there are no fossil fuel generators to supply power, all the delivery trucks are sitting along the highways with dead batteries, no food water ANYTHING being delivered, All guns have long been taken from honest Americans only criminals and rouge policemen have guns and murder and looting is rampant………

America, have we gotten so caught up in ourselves that we can not Imagine this.

Wake up America before it’s too late!

Destroyed wind turbine after a storm

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