Is church attendance necessary?

If the church should reflect Christ, then that means that the church should be devoted. Christ was always devoted to doing the will of His Father. It is God’s will that we regularly attend church. We are told to go to church for a plethora of reasons. Are you saved by going to church? No, of course not. Also, there are a number of reasons why someone might not be able to attend church such as an injury, work schedule, etc. However, we must always examine our deep motives.

Are you not going due to excuses, laziness, or a lack of a desire to have fellowship with other believers? I’m not saying that you will have a perfect Sunday church attendance record. If we’re honest we’ve all missed church for one week, two weeks, etc. However, when we deliberately refrain from going to church that is sin! Not only is it sin, but we are not allowing God to involve us in His activity within the church.

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