IT’S JUST MY OPINION, about getting old and Church

As I continue down the narrow rode of life to my final home, (and what a home with my Jesus there waiting to greet me) I am saddened the way the older generation is treated in Churches nowadays. More and more older people are choosing to stay home on Sunday’s because churches are choosing to let them go in favor of a younger generation, seems like many churches are turning into a social club rather than a house of worship, there are no more choir’s in it’s place loud praise music with a theatrical touch and flashing lights. Members are asked to stand thru all the music and scripture reading, which is very hard for some older and impaired members. Its like putting you favorite horse you have had for many years out to pasture to only be seen at a distance.

I completely agree with Churches needing to attract the younger members but at what cost, teaching them not to respect their elder’s? or treating them with dignity, This is not preparing them for what will happen to all of us.

I know an older couple that started going to a new church about a year and a half ago, I am told that each time they attend no more that 3 people say high, and none offer their name and a formal greeting.

I am not saying I have an answer, I am just giving my opinion.

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