IT’S JUST MY OPINION-About getting old and Church

In the (new Church age) and the quest to attract the younger members it seems like our Churches have put the older generation out to pasture as you would your favorite horse you have had for years and it now stands in the pasture only to be seen and not heard.

Choirs have been turned out to pasture in favor of very loud praise music complete with lights and theocratic s, The congregation is asked to stand during all this (about half of the service time) which is a problem for a lot of older generation and impaired members. Many now have snacks Coffey drinks to take in with you in order to make it more appealing to come worship your GOD.

I know an older couple that started going to a new church an later joined. Most of the services they attend they are lucky if a handful say high, almost no one will offer there name and try to befriend you.

It seems like the Church has forgotten the younger crowd will someday be the older crowd and are not doing enough to have the younger members respect the older members and the way they have to live their life

I by no means am implying I have the answer, I just have the question and my opinion.

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