If Pastors and leaders in Christianity continue to keep mute on political figures there is a chance anti Christians will seize power in America and we will see mass persecution of Christians and America lost as a Christian nation.

My biggest fear is its all about the money, It takes a lot of money to keep the church doors open and have all the goodies churches seem to require nowadays, I fear Pastors and leaders are afraid of offending their money base, and talk about politics when politics was a major part of the story of our savior being crucified.

Many people in America have always voted Democrat and many Republican, in times like these when everyone running for president on the democratic ticket is for abortion, more than one gender and religions other than Christianity and taking Christianity out of our schools and all public buildings Christian Pastors are afraid to speak out, some taking Peter’s way out “I do not know this man”.

My prayer is that more Pastors and leaders, will start speaking out in our churches before it is too lake and America is lost as a Christian nation.

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