Just my opinion on Facebook and friends

I enjoy reading post and posting on Facebook, and interacting with friends, that being said, It seems all too often lately when I post or re-post something that does not agree with what I post or another Christian post, the liberal democrat response is not to defend their post or view but to call me and other Christians out with sayings like you call yourself a Christian and use horrible slang words, Well, I am a Christian and an un-perfect Christian until I meet my savior in Heaven, I make mistakes just like everyone else.

America is falling away from Christianity and moral teaching, the two major issues are abortion and belief that God made more than male and female, I can not back off on these. We are in a war between good and evil and if Christians Pastors priest and ministers do not start standing up for morality and Christian values America as a Christian nation is lost. Too many pastors are too afraid of upsetting their financial base to take a stand from the pulpit, they do not have to name a person if they do not want to just the issues like abortion and more than two genders. If Christians do not stand up and not support politicians that believe murder is murder and their are only male and female America is lost. If you are for things like open boarders try to get lawmakers to see your view but do not vote for someone that goes directly against God just because you want open boarders.

People with different views than mine can post what they wish, but is it’s crazy to think no one with another view will not post their belief, If you cannot back up your beliefs without belittling another get out of the kitchen,  they will have to answer for their actions in the end as we all will have to.

Many people do not believe there is a Heaven and Hell……….Ask your self, but what is there is……would it be so bad to live a moral Christian life just in case there is?

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